Information of the 61st JSPD


 We inform the 61st Annual Congress of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry will be held at DEJIMA MESSE NAGASAKI. Sole diplomatic base under the national isolation during the Edo period, Nagasaki is the birthplace of Western medicine. Many medical scientists have visited Nagasaki, learned new medicine, and developed evidence-based medicine all over the country. Nagasaki is also a city that has developed by welcoming many people with its spirit of Omotenashi, our Japanese hospitality. This is a great pleasure to be able to host this national congress of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry here on this land.

 DEJIMA MESSE, which was completed through the redevelopment of Nagasaki Station with the opening of the Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen, was chosen to hold this congress, partly because of the strong desire of late Professor Taku FUJIWARA of Nagasaki University (Chair of the 61st Annual Congress of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry). We hope that holding this congress, learning the history of pediatric dentistry up until now, and providing information for a new future, will contribute to the oral health of our children in the future.

Late Professor Taku FUJIWARA of Nagasaki University
Chair of the 61st Annual Congress of the Japanese Society of
Pediatric Dentistry
(Professor at Kyushu University and Tohoku University)
Deputy Chair of the 61st Annual Congress of the Japanese Society
of Pediatric Dentistry

General Information

Date May 18 (Thu.) - 19 (Fri.), 2023

Chair:Late Professor Taku FUJIWARA
(Department of Pediatric Dentistry,
Medical and Dental Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University )

Deputy Chair :Professor Satoshi FUKUMOTO
(Kyushu University and Tohoku University)

Theme Pediatric Dentistry learning from the past for new ideas: for the sake of our children’s future
Office c/o Oral Health Association of Japan

English Program

International Symposium

An international symposium will be held at the main venue from 15:30 to 17:30 on Thursday, May 18, with the following speakers.

〝How bioactivity of Giomer technology can improve the patient’s comfort in Pediatric Dentistry? 〟
Dr.Marcelo Bönecker
(Pediatric Dentistry Department University of São Paulo Brazil)
〝Early Detection of Enamel Caries〟
Dr.Jong-Soo Kim
(President of KAPD Dean, Dental College, Dankook University, Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry)

English Poster Presentation
On May 18th (Thursday) from 17:30 to 18:10, there will be a Q&A session with the poster presenters in English.

Signing ceremony
The signing ceremony for the academic exchange between the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry and the Taiwan Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, will be held from 12:00 noon on Thursday, May 18th (only relevant parties can attend).


The participation to the congress is free for people coming to Japan to join, but they all need to register to participate. Please follow the procedure from the icon below.
In addition, if you wish to join the social gathering held on the evening of the 18th, a participation fee of 9,000 yen will be required. (Payment will be accepted at the venue)

The deadline is April 17th (Mon).


Date and time
(time may change)
18:30 on May 18(Thu),2023
Place Hilton Nagasaki

Transportation and Accommodations

If you need an assistance in booking a hotel, please contact the official travel agent
(JTB Co.,Ltd).

JTB Co., Ltd. is in charge of arranging accommodation for people participating in the conference.

There is a limit to the number of rooms, so we recommend that you proceed as soon as possible.

JTB Co., Ltd. (person in charge is Tomomi Imazato.)

Poster Presentation

Date May 18(Thu)-19(Fri),2023
Time of affixing 8:30-10:00,May 18(Thu),2023
Time of removing 16:00-16:30,May 19(Fri),2023
Time of discussion 17:30-18:10,May 18(Thu),2023
Please take questions in front of your poster.

1.Each author is to be provided with a W900 mm X H2100 mm poster panel.

2.Box size of Poster number (to be announced later) is W200 mm X H200 mm.

3.Place the information of presentation title, authorʼs name and affiliation to the right side of the poster number box (within W700 mm X H200 mm. Also, mark “○” in front of the authorʼs name on the poster.)

4.The presentation style is free and the contents, including text, figure, graph or pictures must not be exceeded the provision frame of W900 mm X H1500 mm.

5.Nothing should be posted on the lower margin of the poster panel (W900 mm X H400 mm.)

6.For information of the poster size, please look at the picture. The management secretariat will prepare the poster number paper. Please make the left top corner blank to put the number paper.

7.The management secretariat will prepare push pins to put up the poster. Do not use other materiel to affix your poster to the panel.